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The Bidwell Family Association, who we are.

The Bidwell Family Association (BFA) was incorporated on June 14, 1976, in the State of New York. A non-profit organization dedicated to all things Bidwell, we gather once a year to renew family ties, exchange genealogical information and try to help a local charity.

The English origins of the Bidwell family in America have yet to be documented. But the stoutest branch on the American family tree starts with John Bidwell (1620-1687) from England, a documented founder of Hartford, CT. His known line of descendants is the subject of Volume 1 of Bidwell Family History, published in 1983 and now out of print. Other Bidwell branches in the US and Canada arrived in North America after John of Hartford.

The records of the Bidwell Family Association date back to 1899. Branches in New England, California, New York and Wisconsin knew of each other. Most activity remained localized until the early 1970's when a concerted effort was made to document connections. Continued research and phone calls, home visits to study old diaries and family bibles, trips to courthouses, historical societies, and cemeteries built enthusiasm and membership, as well as a growing body of compiled material for a Bidwell book. Annual national reunions began in the mid 1970's. To date the BFA has held reunions coast-to-coast and in Canada and England.


There are plenty reasons to join!

The Bidwell’s are a diverse family group of dynamic individuals; with various interests, backgrounds and life experiences. By joining the BFA, you gain insight into the Bidwell family and its history; access to other Bidwell’s who share a passion for history and genealogy and the chance to know yourself and your Bidwell family in the context of a larger group.


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Once a year we meet, come with us each year and you'll earn an exclusive achievement!


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What else do I get?

Joining the BFA also gives one access to a quarterly newsletter – full of family news: Births, Deaths, Weddings and Graduations; historical tidbits; genealogical search tips; general announcements. You can also ask for help with your own searches from our friendly association Historian or just see what’s next for the Bidwell’s.


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