Thirty-two Bidwell cousins from 11 states and Canada gathered in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the 2019 Bidwell Family Association Reunion. The reunion was hosted by Larry & Pat Bidwell of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Bidwell cousins who arrived on Thursday had the option of joining the reunion hosts for a delicious meal at “Sticky Fingers Rib House and BBQ”.

The BFA Officers and Directors in attendance at the reunion met for the annual Board Meeting on Friday morning. BFA Director, Sandra Maslen was honored for her 25 th year as serving as a director on the BFA Board!

After the business of the association was taken care of, everyone had a free afternoon to grab lunch and explore the beach and surrounding area. The group gathered together in the evening for dinner at the Chesapeake House restaurant for a delicious meal before attending the Alabama Theater to see the live show, “ONE the Show”. Everyone enjoyed the show which featured live entertainment including music, dance, and comedy. The music spanned from the 60’s to current Disney hits with wonderful sets and talented performers. There was laughter and singing, especially during a performance of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”!

Saturday morning was free to explore the area or just relax at the hotel.

Saturday evening’s activities began with the BFA General Business meeting. The 2019-20 BFA Officers were sworn in during the installation ceremony lead by BFA Director, Sandra Maslen. Reunion attendees George & Lynda Bidwell were first to submit their reunion payment and given a small gift from the BFA Reunion Committee. After a brief break, we enjoyed a delicious buffet meal.

Our dinner prayer was offered by BFA Director, Sandra Maslen.

BFA Director, George Bidwell of Canada served as our auctioneer for the annual auction. He was assisted by BFA Treasurer, John Bidwell Jr and Jacob Parmenter. Jacob did a fine job modeling wearable items that were up for auction. Louise Fahey and BFA Director, Don Bidwell served as recording secretaries at the auction desk. Our auction was very successful due to the generosity of the attendees and the occasional bidding wars for a much-desired item!

Sunday morning began with a Memorial Service to remember those Bidwell cousins we have lost since the last reunion. BFA Director, Julia Bidwell read the Memorial list and Louise Fahey read the Lord’s Prayer.

Sunday afternoon the group was off to the Crazy Sister Marina in Murrell’s Inlet, SC. The group boarded the Saltwater Marsh Explorer. Marine biologists narrated a wonderful tour telling us of the amazing ecosystem alive in the marshes of Murrell’s Inlet. Many were able to get a hands-on experience with sea urchins! Even though the temperature was a little chilly and windy for Myrtle Beach in October, some enjoyed a beach walk along a barrier island. After a delicious dinner at the Wicked Tuna restaurant, it was time to head back to the hotel and prepare for departure day.

It was a wonderful reunion in Myrtle Beach and we look forward to gathering again next year in Bend, Oregon.

Attendees of the 2019 BFA Reunion – Myrtle Beach

*denotes first reunion

Ed & Kathy Wilhelm

Tim & Louise Fahey
John & DeAn Foulk

Barb Lewison

Carol Bidwell

Phillip & Tracey Jones

New York
John (Jack) Bidwell
John & Tina Bidwell
Sharon Bidwell
Nan Eagan
Sandra Maslen

North Carolina
Larry & Pat Bidwell – Reunion Hosts

Don & Julia Bidwell
John & Sherry Parmenter
Jacob Parmenter

Carl Hudson*
Kevin White

Jim & Debbi Wilhelm

Shirley Aravich & Jim Rinker*
Rene Kingston

Ontario, Canada
George & Lynda Bidwell